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Patty Lindsay

Surname Helper indexes queries/obits/etc posted to the GenConnect system. This gives the user the opportunity to search GenConnect along with other sites at the same time. To try a search, click here.

Surname Helper will query the GenConnect system on a weekly basis for each site. GenConnect will respond with all of the queries/obits/etc posted for that site and Surname Helper will store the surnames and URL for each item. Since the index for the entire site is refreshed each week, any items deleted from the GenConnect system will then be deleted from the Surname Helper system.

Your GenConnect site should be registered and indexed with Surname Helper automatically with no intervention required by you. Here are some tips that will allow you to get more functionality out of Surname Helper (e.g. a surname index page and the ability to add surname indexing to other pages on your site).


Surname Helper is a surname engine for queries and surname registrations posted on various genealogy sites. Participating sites include many USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb sites. All GenConnect boards are indexed in Surname Helper. Surname Helper is also used by the USGenWeb QueryExpress system for registering counties.

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Patty Lindsay

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